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Thin Studio enables a leap into modern radio production without major investments

Want to know how we compacted a fully featured radio studio into a small, light, and less complex radio studio? With Thin Studio, you can modernize your radio operation with low initial investments. The system is also designed to be upgraded and enhanced easily, so you won’t need to change the whole system when you […]

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How does the cloud change business logic in the radio industry?

The need to run radio broadcast operations from local or temporary studios has increased. People want more personalized services with easy access. Content may be king, but user experience is queen. Radio needs to be close to where the action happens and where the listeners are. This change in user behavior impacts the whole process […]

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Versatile remote studio operations with RadioMan

Radio broadcasters have had challenging times with the Covid lockups and restrictions in 2020. Studio facilities have been closed or moved and station personnel have been working from home, if possible. Jutel introduced next generation radio production platform just in time cope with the new distributed programming challenges. RadioMan products have typically been used by […]

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