Versatile remote studio operations with RadioMan

Radio broadcasters have had challenging times with the Covid lockups and restrictions in 2020. Studio facilities have been closed or moved and station personnel have been working from home, if possible. Jutel introduced next generation radio production platform just in time cope with the new distributed programming challenges.

RadioMan products have typically been used by major national broadcasters. The new RadioMan® 6 platform is easy to deploy also on networked or individual radio stations. RadioMan® 6 platform utilizes modern generic web-based architecture with browser-based user interfaces and modern API-based back-end. With RadioMan® 6 digital content can be created, scheduled, organized, archived and distributed to one or multiple media channels and locations. The physical playout can be located in the cloud, in server rooms or on local computers. Anywhere.

The On-Air facilities can be anything from a browser-based laptop computer to a modern touch-screen based IPbased fixed installation. The RadioMan Live contribution allows audio contribution even directly from the laptop without external codecs and devices.

Download our white paper and learn more about the new RadioMan® 6 platform: