RadioMan® Clipper

Transform your ideas into polished audio within seconds – from recording to ready for live broadcasting

Record and edit audio anywhere, anytime

RadioMan® Clipper is a new-generation mobile and web audio production platform
that supports mobile app environments, virtual browser-based production, and media asset management in the cloud.

The main goal and driver behind the RadioMan® Clipper was to deliver on the promise of a “single audio toolset platform for all journalists” for audio production and management. Clipper has been created to provide a unified platform for audio production so that journalists don’t need separate tools for recording, mobile audio editing, metadata generation, audio transfer, remote media asset management, and multitrack audio editing. A single platform helps the broadcaster in production environment management, user management, updates, and data security. 

Clipper allows journalists to effortlessly record and edit audio while on-the-go, either via an intuitive mobile app or by unlocking the extensive capabilities of browser-based multi-track editing with a variety of advanced features.

This innovation allows radio stations to streamline their broadcast operations across various locations, cutting costs and simplifying their radio broadcast workflow, automation, and distribution.

The seamless workflow of RadioMan® Clipper:

1. A journalist uses the Clipper mobile app to record interviews and comments, write down notes, comments, and journalistic texts, modify the clips with basic single-track audio editing, and manage the files locally in the handset or transfer the results into cloud-based media asset management for further use.

2. A journalist can use the results directly in the newsroom, in the playout environment at the broadcasting facilities, or in further journalistic work.

3. Journalists can continue editorial work of audio and text material with a browser-based multi-track version of the Clipper audio editor.


Clipper mobile app allows recording of audio clips, metering, basic audio editing, leveling, auto trim, separate clip list usage, copy/paste, marker usage, uploading to media asset management, and creating text and notes for later use. Clipper is available for both iOS and Android devices and integrates effortlessly with RadioMan® or other media asset management systems, ensuring a smooth flow of creative assets across platforms. The mobile app can be additionally run as a browser-based application on the mobile handset which allows temporary users to use it without installing the app.

Browser-based Multitrack Editor

Clipper multitrack application runs in a browser environment but supports standalone operation as well. In addition to the features of the mobile app, it has extensive support for multi-track editing, keyboard commands, and mouse usage.

Integrates with media asset platforms

Clipper is integrated seamlessly with the RadioMan® 6 cloud-based broadcast environment. The material produced in Clipper is immediately visible in RadioMan® 6 and can be used instantly for broadcast purposes whether in a studio or in remote locations with browser-based playout controls.

Clipper also integrates with other media asset platforms or file-based asset management platforms and can be tailored for in-house use for large broadcasters, networks, or other content creators.

Clipper Whitepaper

Best of Show at NAB2024 Winner

RadioMan® Clipper has won the Best of Show Award at NAB2024 in the Create category!

The awards recognize the most innovative and impactful new products and technologies presented by exhibitors.

Best of Show at IBC2023 Winner

RadioMan® Clipper has won the Best of Show Award at IBC2023 in the Radio World category!

The awards recognize the very best broadcast products and solutions on display at the show, with hundreds of products and solutions considered.

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