RadioMan® redefines how media corporations can leverage digital convergence in creating and delivering multimedia content. As the radio industry’s first next-generation radio production platform, RadioMan® utilizes modern generic web-based architecture with browser-based user interfaces and a modern API-based back-end.

Radio studio with Jutel RadioMan

These are the main challenges RadioMan® is designed to tackle:

  • Traditional Client-Server client workstation version management is time-consuming if compared to browser-based tools
  • System implementation is much faster if one can start with a standard setup in the cloud and then move the system to dedicated servers or a virtual server environment in own premises. One does not need to wait for all the infrastructure to be ready before test installations, training, interfacing, etc.
  • Browser-based architecture makes broadcast house implementation lightweight as the workstation build is independent of other applications.
  • Browser-based user interfaces allow customized search results and profile-based metadata views much easier than a traditional client-server model.
  • Virtual Media Nodes for playout can benefit modern IP audio architectures and give freedom in placing the audio infrastructure.
  • Interfaces that are based on generic API are straightforward to implement and maintain.
  • Full or partial cloud implementation can benefit from the vast amount of third-party services already available in a cloud environment.

Return on investment

Up till now, digital media systems for radio have been large client-server installations that have assisted technical tasks of radio production. RadioMan® combines the large-scale radio systems experience with new technology architecture. It brings down management and deployment costs with a need for smaller technical crews and lighter equipment, but also effective interfacing, and the capability to answer future challenges in the ever-changing broadcast business.

RadioMan® enables various long-term business benefits:

  • Optimization of the total cost of ownership
  • Reduced need for physical premises
  • Less dedicated hardware
  • New business opportunities

Operational flexibility

RadioMan® can operate similarly way on fixed studios, fixed workplaces and mobile locations. In addition, RadioMan® allows easy deployment of high availability arrangements, disaster recovery site(s), alternative production site(s), and regional units across the country with connectivity to corporate media systems.

The overall system can be built with one or multiple back-end systems. Multiple back-ends can be beneficial for maintenance and version management purposes. The RadioMan® data model supports multi-channel and multi-station operations so that the stations and channels can be totally independent. They may also share common programming blocks generated by a station/channel in the group.

Key Benefits of RadioMan® relate to the diverse ways of organizing and managing broadcast operations:

  • Various deployment models
  • Phased roll-out
  • Simple maintenance and updates
  • Centralized control of assets

Location independence

RadioMan® platform brings connectivity everywhere and offers location-independent management, production, and distribution of digital radio. With RadioMan®, digital content can be created, scheduled, organized, archived, and forwarded to one or multiple media channels and locations.

RadioMan® allows you to quickly set up radio broadcast operations from temporary studios, including shopping malls, sports centers, schools, event venues, and more. You can participate and control the whole radio show operation from a remote location with just a microphone, browser-based laptop/tablet, and web connectivity. For example, journalists can access the production and playout environment anywhere on the web or company intranet.

Key Benefits of RadioMan® extends operational flexibility also to remote use:

  • Multi-site production and distribution of media
  • Multi-source live contribution
  • Built-in multi-channel system
  • Adaptive workflows

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