With RadioMan® both the back-end servers and media playout nodes can be placed in virtual machine environment. This makes the server infrastructure management flexible and the media modes can be placed freely.

Fast deployment

The completely virtual web-native architecture of RadioMan gives your technical team the option to deploy it on physical hardware, a virtual machine or run as a cloud-based service. For example, RadioMan production roll-out projects can be done utilizing virtualization of back-end and application servers.

RadioMan® Architecture allows flexibility in configurations. User Interfaces, business logic back-end, playout Media Nodes, databases and file storage can be located independently. RadioMan® implementation is based on virtual or physical servers and thin client workstations running browser-based User Interfaces. Workstations may use also client-based audio editing software for craft editing purposes. The workstations can run Windows 10 operating system. Preferred browser is Chrome. The architecture is very flexible and depends on customer needs.

The audio on the laptops can be either virtual IP sound cards or any USB device. The Media Node can be placed either in the studio, in the server room or even in remote location. The system can be configured also in stand-by configuration, where the stand-by unit can be activated and routed from the user interface.

Flexible configurations

The simplest system configuration is a stand-alone PC with a browser display. All the components can be within a single Windows or Linux device. The audio interface can be either a physical card, USB-interface, virtual IP audio (AES67, Dante, Livewire, Wheatnet) or streaming. Depending on the performance one can extend this configuration with other browser-based user interface devices and external Media Nodes.

RadioMan® can be also deployed with local physical or virtual server and studio-based Media Nodes. This configuration can be extended with other studios, Media Nodes and editorial workstations. Freely placed media node enables optimizing flexible broadcast operations with existing infra in hybrid deployments.

Towards the cloud

Radioman enables a transition path towards hybrid and full cloud that provides a secured cloud-based operability and cloud-first quick deployment to test the usability of cloud in your operating environment.

We’ll be there to support you

When a new broadcast management system is brought on-air, the first hours and days are the most critical and mentally challenging for users. You don’t have to be alone. Jutel offers professional support that will help you to manage this crucial period. The length of this on-site support can be agreed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the skill level of the users.