Cloud native infrastructure

RadioMan system can be installed as in-house, in cloud and in hybrid configuration. The cloud native infrastructure means less investment and more freedom.

Location independent broadcasting

Cloud enables users to run broadcast operations location independently. Radioman’s cloud native infrastructure allows you to quickly setup radio broadcast operations from temporary studios, including shopping malls, sports centres, schools, event venues, and more!

Easy access from anywhere with a browser

All the planning and onair operations can be accomplished with a standard Windows PC or tablet running a Chrome browser and RadioMan user interfaces. You can use all the planning tools, edit the material and also control the onair playout via the user interface.

what are the benefits

Cloud installation benefits from less investment and depreciation in hardware. Cloud native infrastructure reduces need for specialized production HW, ie. machines, consoles, audio equipment, and premises, ie. physical infra or studios.

Cloud also enables broadcasters the optimal use of existing HW and specialized production equipment where the need is.

It is possible to utilize other services available in the cloud environment. These include for instance load balancing, scaling possibilities, efficient remote control and upgrade mechanisms, scalable storage, clustered databases, global connectivity and streaming services.

If in-house installation is preferred, the cloud setup can be used for configuration and rollout planning, initial rollout, migration, training, mobile operations and system backup.

Cloud comes with a secured access and availability to your broadcasting system, for example, in case your laptop breaks or your server room is flooded.

The best performance, anywhere, anytime

RadioMan’s backend services are installed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, either in the public cloud or broadcaster’s private environment, depending on the broadcaster infrastructure requirements. The region and availability zone depends on the broadcaster’s location. This is to ensure the utmost performance, availability and security of your broadcast operations.