browser based ui

The Radioman® system is fully accessible through a web browser, enabling you to plan your programs, control and manage playout, Cartwall items, and playout servers from any location, whether from a traditional studio environment or the comfort of your own home.

Access from anywhere

With RadioMan, you get easy access and user view for all of your broadcast operations. No matter where you are in the world, you can check how your broadcast is doing or do fieldwork yourself, thanks to the cloud-native infrastructure.

Just log in, and you are all set

Thin client means that the system works immediately after you log in via an URL.

A separate browser-based keyboard and Cartwall UI are available.  

the benefits OF

As RadioMan uses a browser-based user interface, operations are smooth, and there is no need for heavy roll-out processes.

Browser-based UI means reduced and even completely nonexistent conflicts due to desktop policy with client applications.

The browser-based user interface also reduces the need for major on-site installations and dedicated hardware investments, which can bring significant savings in the early stages of operations.

what’s interesting

No thick client installations, completely browser-based UI.

The browser-based UI can also be embedded into other 3rd party systems that support browser windows on control surfaces as well as on tablets and other mobile devices.

You can use RadioMan with Google Chrome on any Windows PC.