RadioMan® can and does co-exist with multiple third-party systems, such as music, traffic, news, and talk. This provides better workflow, higher resiliency, customizable rich metadata, modular architecture, and REST API / Message-Queue-based interoperability between radio, TV, and web interfaces.

Restful API

RadioMan REST API enables 3rd party configurations, which helps to ensure that they will meet your needs and provide a smoother deployment process. We can also make additions to or customize our existing products to better suit your specifications. And if you would like to integrate your current environment with Jutel solutions, we have services to match your expectations.

Open to 3rd party extensions

RadioMan has a standardized native REST API to interface 3rd party solutions, such as MOS, music selection, traffic, and publishing.

what are the benefits

Interfacing is straightforward. RadioMan’s standardized REST API provides your team:

  • better workflow
  • higher resiliency
  • customisable rich metadata
  • interoperability between other media tools.

One benefit of the front-end-back-end and REST API architecture is that the workstations do not need to have file access rights on the company file storage. This helps in security arrangements. In addition, the connection between a workstation and the back-end is encrypted.

All the user interfaces follow thin client principles. The layout may be configured to be slightly different depending on the screen size. Playout devices, Media Nodes can be freely located either centrally in virtual machines or within the studio premises depending on the audio infrastructure.

The architecture is not restricted to centralized solutions as it is also possible to build regional stand-alone centres or even stand-alone machines with everything in one laptop for particular purposes.