RadioMan® Platform consists of all the services related to architecture and SW development, API and integration issues, as well as back-end services and system maintenance.

RadioMan’s cloud-based back-end services run both in private servers and the public cloud.

Playout architecture is very flexible, which allows operating playout nodes either in the cloud, centralized in private servers, or locally in each radio station.

Cloud-based radioman platform

RadioMan architecture is based on browser-based HTML5 front-end user interfaces. The back-end processes can be alternatively located in the cloud, on in-house virtual servers, or local servers. The playout media nodes are separated from the back-end or user interfaces so they can be freely located.

Fast interfacing, easy integrations

Message Bus based architecture and REST APIs allow fast and easy interfacing with enterprise bus architectures and third-party systems. ActiveMQ Messaging is also used to control media node playout tasks, studio routings, distribution routings, matrix controls, Ember+, recordings, transcodings, streaming controls, audio devices, media publishing, social media, and broadcast-related live data.

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