Audio editing on the go

RadioMan also includes a multi-track web audio editing feature which lets users record, edit and mix audio natively in the browser, without the need for any local software or plug-in. Web audio editor is suitable especially for remote and fast audio editing needs.

Multi-track editor in your browser

With this feature you can create a multi-track content by mixing audio recorded in the browser and pre-recorded clips from your asset library. This makes it easier than ever to record jingles, commercial spots and interviews.

What are the benefits

Better yet, the process is non-destructive, allowing you to edit your program once it is created, collaborate with colleagues, and even make last minute edits before the broadcast.

what’s interesting

We are also able to provide a desktop version Quick Edit Pro that is an easy to learn and fast to use audio editor originally designed for journalists with journalists. It can be seamlessly integrated with the RadioMan platform and production workflow. With Quick Edit Pro projects can be professionally executed and shared within teams or across a station. Quick Edit Pro is the world’s first audio editor solution with support for incoming and outgoing VoIP/SIP calls, and recording and playback of IP audio feeds. It expands with the task from one to 23 tracks. JUTEL Quick Edit Pro audio editor is capable of non-destructive edits of in-coming feeds even as they are being recorded. It has an embedded ActiveX version for newsroom systems as well as VST plug-ins for effects and special processing.