Media asset management

RadioMan has been designed for large radio broadcasters with either national or international coverage. That means even extensive media asset management needs can be easily handled with RadioMan.

Keep your assets all in one place

The advanced digital radio automation software ensures the maximal use of media assets enabling scheduling, production, and delivery of multiple distribution channels.

The metadata model is also easily extendable for additional field generation, which helps to adjust the data for specialized channels or brands.

Manage your media with ease

Even the basic sets of metadata for media objects in RadioMan are very broad and versatile. Additionally, it can be fully customised based on the broadcaster’s requirements. These may be selection lists, text fields, numerical fields, Boolean fields (checkboxes), and date fields. Any of these can also be configured to be used as search criteria.

The extensive metadata model of RadioMan covers, for example, categorizing and classifying content such as:

  • programs
  • audio
  • series
  • scripts
  • music
  • spots

What are the benefits

RadioMan’s thin client enables fast and easy access to quick and advanced search tools.

Versatile categorizing and classifying of various media content types enables easy management of your assets.

What’s interesting

RadioMan comes with location-independent pre-listening, downloading, and uploading of audio material.