RadioMan allows multi-channel broadcast planning with local sub-channels and various studios. You can produce programmes and programme series independent of linear broadcast channels for social media platforms and on-demand. Web publishing, archiving, and other tasks can be specified already at the template level.

Scheduling made easy

RadioMan Planner is used for managing programme schedules. RadioMan® is, by nature, a multi-channel system so that you can manage the schedules for multiple channels, studios, groups and recorders from the same view. In addition, RadioMan® differentiates between Timeslots and Programmes.

The timeslot is a place in a calendar (date, time, duration, channel, and studio) for a programme, while the content of a particular programme can be made at different times by different users.

A programme can contain a playlist that can be created and edited in the planning phase. The playlist can also get material from other systems like music selection, newsroom application, or traffic interface.

Planning with templates

Planning can be done either for calendar-based dates or Templates that form prototypes of days or weeks. When Templates are applied to the calendar, the content of the templates is copied to the exact dates. Day Planning allows different views for programme schedules for people in various roles. The available views are a monthly managerial overview, a producer-type weekly view, and a more detailed daily view that can even be displayed with the programme contents for actual programme production. Programme timeslots on a certain channel can also be loaned to other channels. This is useful on multi-site regional systems where regional channels follow part-time the national programme and part-time local. The same applies to studios and autoplayers as they can be allocated to any channel or programme.

Click the link above to view an introductory video of the RadioMan Planner user interface!