Remote broadcasting

It is not always practical or even possible to broadcast radio shows from a traditional studio. Moreover, creating relevant content and more meaningful user experiences draws people out in the field. As a journalist, you want to be where the action happens. RadioMan® makes remote or temporary operations easy. All you need is a laptop with Windows operating system and Chrome browser to access, operate, and playout content with RadioMan.

Broadcast from anywhere

RadioMan’s remote broadcasting enables totally location-independent playout control. You can broadcast and control your show from a studio, a home office, or from the field. RadioMan even allows a contribution to the same show simultaneously from various locations.

What’s best, you don’t need dedicated hardware to do it.

All you need is a web browser

With remote live playout, all on air playout controlling features and planning tools are accessible via web browser, no matter where you are. This means that RadioMan can be accessed and managed entirely remotely. In addition, with RadioMan’s virtual mixer, it is possible to control independent faders for each person’s microphone or a playlist.

If a remote journalist wants to contribute live audio to the ongoing programme, the journalist can use the local microphone connected to the laptop or tablet. The remote live feature connects remote audio with WebRTC to the Media Node and operates a built-in mixing facility for reports.

The benefits of remote broadcasting

By using RadioMan’s remote broadcasting feature, reacting to ad-hoc changes is easy. It ensures seamless broadcast operations when people have to create, manage, replace, or change the content in real-time and simultaneously plan and manage their assets for future programming.

Reporters can also contribute to the same program from different locations, allowing the freedom to create, edit, and playout content easily anywhere.

RadioMan’s remote program monitoring enables:

  • program output from any location
  • reception of content from multiple sources

What’s interesting

Unlike many other products, RadioMan’s remote functionality is built-in into the RadioMan architecture. This means that users can import content from different physical locations, e.g., different cities or regions, and a readymade playlist and the Cartwall/jingle playout can be controlled from separate locations.

As the audio console is virtualized, mixing and adjusting audio levels is also possible from separate locations, as well as joining and contributing to a live broadcast and doing all the hosting even when the whole team is working in different physical premises.