The RadioMan® on-air interface is fully accessible through a web browser, enabling you to control the management of the program, Cartwall items, and playout servers from any Windows PC or tablet.

Take control of the live broadcast

With on-air playout controlling, broadcasters can playout human assisted radio shows from a studio or external location. Whenever there is a need to broadcast an unmanned show, RadioMan can easily switch to autoplay. This too can be controlled from an external device if needed.

Make the radio experience better

RadioMan on-air playout has a configurable Cartwall / jingle playout to enrich your audio content. It also includes several playlist output channels which help the talents to control the volume levels of audio, e.g. with different songs by or using a fading tool to play effects while audio or music is still being played.

What are your benefits OF using on-air playout?

RadioMan on-air playout controlling enables ad-hoc content creation directly in a playlist. You can easily do media asset management, voice tracking and pre-listening, music selection, or spots while doing your regular daily activities as a radio host.

On-air playout controlling also makes it possible to control different playlist types, e.g.

  • news playlist
  • music program
  • audio/actualities
  • spots/adverts
  • readymade/series
  • live hosted shows
  • reruns

It enables simultaneous external controlling, e.g., from a master control room by the producer. Your whole team can follow and access the playout in real-time.

What’s interesting

What makes RadioMan on-air playout control special is its intelligent one-button playlist control. This key feature ensures a carefree and easy use of the RadioMan in every situation.