RadioMan comes with built-in possibilities to distribute audio in flexible ways. RadioMan supports traditional studio-to-transmitter and studio-to-studio configurations from centralized or distributed data centers, but is also future ready for Cloud distribution and contribution with RadioMan Media Node or with virtual codecs. With RadioMan it is possible to share live content between stations and also control your distribution.

What does it mean

RadioMan’s functionality and API provides flexibility to control and manage your distribution and contribution.

How does it work

RadioMan allows you to select the best possible way to handle distribution based on your network topology. Streaming from cloud (RTP, SRT) to multiple endpoints and CDN’s is supported.

Live content can be shared with RadioMan6 external source selection and you are able to freely control your external connections manually or automated way.

What are the benefits

You are able to use cutting edge IP streaming technologies (streaming protocols, virtual codecs) and use cloud or private data centers efficiently. Your studio is always connected with the outer world and control is at your fingertip.

With Virtualized distribution you are able to reduce HW and facility needs.