Radio Broadcast

RadioMan® is a full-range cloud native radio broadcast automation system for commercial and public radio broadcasting, content management, workflow management, and distribution. RadioMan brings together networked IP media, virtualized and cloud-enabled back-end processes, and browser-based user interfaces on workstations and mobile devices. You can access the system easily through a web browser, making it suitable for both on-site and remote broadcast operations.

On-air monitor: browser-based user interface, deploy in the cloud or on-premises, full range radio broadcasting platform and professional audio editing toos


Return on investment

Up till now, digital media systems for radio have been large client-server installations that have assisted technical tasks of radio production. RadioMan combines the large-scale radio systems experience with new technology architecture. It can bring management and deployment costs down with a need for smaller technical crews and lighter equipment, but also effective interfacing and capability to answer future challenges in the ever-changing broadcast business.

Operational flexibility

RadioMan can operate in a similar way on fixed studios, fixed workplaces, and mobile locations. RadioMan allows easy deployment of high availability arrangements, disaster recovery site(s), alternative production site(s), and regional units across the country with connectivity to corporate media systems.

Location independence

RadioMan platform brings connectivity everywhere and offers a location independent management, production, and distribution of digital radio. With RadioMan digital content can be created, scheduled, organized, archived, and forwarded to one or multiple media channels and locations. RadioMan allows you to quickly set up radio broadcast operations from temporary studios, including shopping malls, sports centers, schools, event venues, and more.

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