Jutel RadioMan® announces strategic partnership with DIVICON MEDIA

An excellent start to 2023! We are excited to announce our partnership with an experienced full-service provider for radio program organizers, DIVICON MEDIA. RadioMan®, the cloud native radio automation platform is now part of the DIVICON MEDIA portfolio for Germany, Austria and Switzerland markets.

About Jutel RadioMan

Jutel is one of the most experienced media and radio automation solution providers in the world. We are experts in radio digitalization offering innovative solutions for radio workflow, media content management and publication in different distribution channels. We serve the world’s leading media operators in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Australia. Our customers include YLE in Finland, RTE in Ireland and CBS News in the US. Our headquarters are located in Oulu, Finland.

About Divicon Media

Divicon is a full-service provider for radio program organizers and ensures the smooth operation of their transmission network from the studio to the radio tower. This includes planning and implementing FM, DAB+ and IP. A team of field service and monitoring employees work tirelessly every day to ensure an interruption-free operation. In addition, our technical experts cater to individual customer needs, covering everything from sound processing to uninterrupted power supplies and innovative audio technology solutions.

Divicon will showcase RadioMan® at the Hamburg Open on January 18th and 19th in Hamburg, Germany. https://www.divicon-media.com/