Jutel and 2wcom partner to create robust solution for Multi-Channel Cloud Radio

Jutel and 2wcom are proud to announce a partnership that offers radio broadcasters a turnkey solution for the radio industry’s first complete Multi-Channel Cloud Radio. The partnership will enhance RadioMan´s IP-audio distribution capabilities with MoIN – Multimedia over IP network software. MoIN is a software solution that is able to encode, decode and transcode multiple audio channels simultaneously.

RadioMan´s IP-audio distribution capabilities are now enhanced with MoIN – Multimedia over IP network software

“Together RadioMan and MoIN have already solved our customers IP-audio distribution challenges and we are excited to offer these two together as a complementary service”
Olli-Pekka Lukkarinen
COO, Jutel Oy

“The partnership with Jutel is really inspiring. RadioMan and the MoIN complement each other perfectly and simply shake hands to manage broadcasters produced audio content”
Werner Drews
CEO, 2wcom

About Jutel RadioMan

Jutel is one of the most experienced media and radio automation solution providers in the world. We are experts in radio digitalization offering innovative solutions for radio workflow, media content management and publication in different distribution channels. We serve the world’s leading media operators in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Australia. Our customers include YLE in Finland, RTE in Ireland and CBS News in the US. Our headquarters are located in Oulu, Finland.

Our main product, RadioMan, has represented Jutel around the world since 1992. Today, it is offered as the world’s first complete radio-as-a-service solution that offers a full-range radio broadcasting solution for radio stations of all sizes.

About 2wcom

With more than 20 years of proven track record, 2wcom is an established worldwide manufacturer and supplier of professional broadcast hardware and software solutions. We contribute to the success of our global customers by providing high-quality equipment, first-class service and advice. To support broadcasters in the time of digital transition, we developed the MoIN software series and the 4audio hardware series. Our headquarter is in Flensburg, Germany.

The MoIN Multimedia over INetwork software is a “Swiss Army Knife” built with Quality made in Germany.” MoIN is easily adaptable into broadcast ecosystems linking remote producers, studio, streaming, distribution, and CDN/OTT.