IBC 2020 Showcase: Business logic and philosophies behind technology

As our strategy calls, Jutel’s mission is to ensure the competitiveness of our customers in the fast-phased world of digital media. As a realization of this strategy, we launched the new RadioMan in June 2019  that won Radio World “Best of Show” Award in IBC 2019 few months later.

Much has happened since. Not only does digital convergence continue to change the operating landscape in the broadcasting industry -Covid-19 has given a further boost for advancing technologies especially for remote use. Due to Covid-19, IBC 2020 was also cancelled.

A virtual version of this convention taking place 8-11 September 2020, gives us the opportunity to showcase our services to the whole industry.

In this vein, we published a white paper “How Does the Cloud Change Business Logic in the Radio Industry” that opens up the concept behind Radio-as-a-Service in the wider industrial context. Please follow the link to download the document!

The white paper was preceded by an interview of our CTO and co-founder Mr Jorma Kivelä in a “Meet the Makers” ebook published by Radio World that sheds light on our philosophy and how history is reflected in RadioMan of today.