Customer case YLE


Jutel has supported the Finnish Broadcast Corporation transformation project from client-based legacy system toward browser-based cloud production environment since 2018. We have previously implemented a multi-tier client-server radio production and playout environment which is the base for the transformation.


The RadioMan environment at YLE has consisted of over 1700 work stations in four national Finnish speaking channels and two national channels in Swedish; 18 Finnish speaking regional stations in 26 locations and six Swedish speaking regional channels in 10 locations. All the servers are centralized in Helsinki. RadioMan is used as a media publishing tool that includes program information, scheduling and content.

Now, YLE is in the path of transforming its broadcast operations from legacy systems to cloud-supported webfront. The goal of the project is to renew the total YLE radio infrastructure architecture for future needs, such as IP audio, browser-based user interfaces, flexible playout configurations, automated production workflows and flexible virtual environment. Jutel RadioMan has a central role in this transformation. Simultaneous to national operations, we also piloted and tested a thin studio concept for temporary studios and future regional operations.

the story

The goal of the RadioMan project was to build a virtual browser-based radio production and playout system, where the audio playout and mixing is done in the cloud so that no specific hardware is needed as part of the studio and playout infrastructure. Virtualised playout and recording units use virtual audio interfaces. Web native technologies, including HTML5, Rest APIs, ActiveMQ messaging and WebRTC for audio streaming are utilized.

First live radio broadcast production happened on June 3rd, 2019. At the moment 3 national channels YleX, Yle X3M, YLE Puhe are using the new system. All the YLE operations, including the regional studios plan to be with RadioMan 6 platform in 2021.

This technological innovation will also allow other radio stations to streamline their broadcast operations across various locations enabling them to cut costs and simplify their radio broadcast workflow, automation and distribution.

why radioman?

The launch of RadioMan has allowed YLE to benefit from a streamlined web architecture that supports traditional studio implementations, touch-screen virtual studios with IP audio and the promise of “Radio as a Service”. The browser-based user interfaces also allows for easy updates, service type operations, flexible production and playout.