Customer Case Al Aan Radio

Enabling light studios with radioman

RadioMan´s cloud based system deployment enables customers to significantly reduce studio investment with increased broadcasting flexibility.

customer story

Tower Media Middle East Fz Llc operates Al Aan Radio, which is an interactive radio platform that offers a mixture of news, songs, music and targeted programs that seek to reach and communicate with the largest segment of young listeners in Arab countries and around the world.

Al Aan Radio was in the process of upgrading their radio facilities and looking for a flexible, browser-based radio automation system. Their objective was to migrate to cloud-based system that could be equally used in studio as well as on the field for any radio presenter to use with ease. In addition to getting rid of heavy server hardware and legacy equipment, they also wanted to simplify their workflows.

what did we do

Al Aan Radio deployment to cloud-based radio automation was initiated by installing RadioMan Platform Services to Amazon Web Service’s regional cloud. A light studio setup of mixing console, control PC with HTML5 browser, microphones and headset were considered, as Al Aan Radio wanted to have as light studios as possible.

 As existing infrastructure needed to be acknowledged, a locally installed Media Node was selected as the deployment model for the playout node. Media Node is an audio playout engine that connects a studio to RadioMan software in the cloud.

why radioman?

The key benefits of the RadioMan system for Al Aan Radio include flexible, phased deployment, web-standard user interfaces and the ability to enable business workflow-based user experiences. A key enabler for Al Aan Radio also was the remote use of RadioMan, a system that can be operated from anywhere.