Our Commitment to Sustainability: ESG Report

At Jutel Oy, we recognize the profound impact that businesses can have on the world. 

As a responsible business, we are dedicated to operating with integrity, considering our environmental footprint, fostering social equity, and upholding robust governance practices.

In line with our commitment to transparency and accountability, we are pleased to present our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report.

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Environmental Responsibility:

Promoting Social Equity:

Governance Excellence:

  • Ensuring transparency and openness is integral to our operations through the implementation of an electronic financial management system.
  • We have established robust reporting practices within the company, diligently adhering to them. The CEO provides comprehensive reports to the board, ensuring a thorough understanding of our financial landscape. In strict compliance with legal requirements, we consistently report to our stakeholders.
  • When it comes to the board, we maintain a commitment to independence. Board members, with the exception of the owner-entrepreneur, abstain from involvement in operational activities. The board composition primarily comprises external individuals, with the board chairperson being the sole internal representative.
  • To mitigate accounting risk, we engage the services of an external accounting firm
  • Annual audit reports and audits are conducted under the scrutiny of Ernst & Young, ensuring the highest standards of financial accountability and transparency.
  • In addition, we have implemented the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.
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Responsible business

Responsible business is about enduring success while prioritizing ESG considerations over short-term gains. A responsibly operating company is not only aware of its sustainability priorities but actively engages in their enhancement. Constantly seeking innovative ways to minimize adverse effects and maximize positive impacts, the company is committed to a long-term approach that goes beyond immediate financial returns. 

In Jutel Oy, we operate with this philosophy at our core, embodying a commitment to responsible business practices that contribute to a sustainable and ethical future.